Founder of Iranian Composers Club Shocks World By Revealing She’s Not Arab

Photo by Ar//sh Muhammad on Unsplash

Deceptive! Members of the Iranian Composers Club, an association of Iranian composers, reveal that they’re Iranian, and in fact, not Arab, in a press release to kick-off 2021. This announcement came as the association works to garner better recognition for its members in the new year. What other secrets have they been keeping from us?

The founder decided to remove the veil behind their ethnicity by calling for a press conference. All both new music media companies were in attendance. The composer, known for their qawali influence in their hyper-modernist abstract work, revealed that Iranian is apparently its own ethnicity, separate from Arabs. How elusive!

SMD will continue monitoring this organization as we provide breaking news about new stories in new music.

Update: We have since been informed that Sufi music and qawali are two different things. The composer’s hyper-modernist abstract work is based on Sufi music, not qawali. What secrets will the Iranian Composers Club reveal next?

New Stories from New Music. (Yes, this is a satire page).

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Society for Music Diversity

New Stories from New Music. (Yes, this is a satire page).

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