Jew & Arab Seen in the Same Room Despite Inherent Urge to Kill Each Other

Photo by Frank Busch on Unsplash

Miraculous! We at the Society for Music Diversity have just received reports that a Jew and Arab were seen in the same room. Despite the inherent urge to kill each other since the dawn of time in what is surely a complicated conflict, Levi (Jewish) and Muhammed (Arab) have so far stood next to each other following a contemporary music concert and have not stabbed each other! Could this be a sign of progress between the two barbaric clans?

Our evangelical reporter, known for diplomacy, bravely went up to the couple, risking her life as she approached the war zone. Why have the terrorists not shot each other yet? SMD investigates.

Strapped in bullet-proof UN safety gear, Hannah Dane cautiously walks towards the two, careful to watch for any landmines there may be in this post-concert gathering session at the basement of a church in East Village. Once she reached the two enemies, she recalled “I felt a sense of danger, some sort of ancient tension that is just so complicated. Too complicated.” Yet when she mustered the courage to ask why Levi and Muhammed were talking to each other, Hannah was shocked to discover that not only are they not mortal enemies, the two are actually friends.

“Yeah, Levi and I go way back.” the terrorist said, perhaps hiding something, “also why are you dressed like that? It’s summer in New York aren’t you hot?”

Sensing that the two may have some violence they need to clear up with each other, Hannah Dane quickly fled the scene by throwing a smoke grenade. Surely, these two have not received the news that they must be brainwashed by the Palestinian terrorist group, Hummus. Could this be a sign of peace or is there treachery afoot?

New Stories from New Music. (Yes, this is a satire page).

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Society for Music Diversity

Society for Music Diversity

New Stories from New Music. (Yes, this is a satire page).

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